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Your cup of coffee doesn't just do YOU, it does so much more.

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About Compass Café


Our Story

Compass Café was founded in 2015 by Pastor Sharo, the Senior Pastor at HopeNYC Church, but it began years before that in Haiti. The little girl in this photograph is the inspiration for Compass Cafe which is a 100%  missions based coffee shop. This means that all of the profits go directly for missions which include providing clean water for her and her family in Haiti as well as rescuing victims of human trafficking. This is the story.

Who is this girl?

I remember this little 6-year-old girl from Haiti, running barefoot along a stony riverbed...for 3 miles. When I got to her house, I saw she had no bed, no clothes, but water. 

What happened next?

Compass Café was founded to help her and thousands of others like her. 100% of the profits has gone and will continue to go toward providing clean water to Johanne and thousands of others along with fighting the injustices of the world. 

Pastor Sharo

You, make the difference!

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